TOP 6 Ways to Boost Your Business During COVID-19

  • Done Kirov
  • 7 Apr 2021

Covid-19 has drastically changed the business and the economy, but there are still ways for you to boost your brand, even during a global pandemic. In this article, we picked out the 6 most efficient ways you can grow your business and increase the sales in the current times.

1. Develop a great marketing strategy

Ever since the pandemic started, a lot of businesses have switched to the online world and have started marketing their services through the Internet. This has led to an information overload, customers are practically bombarded with ads about various products all the time. If you want your company to succeed and stand out from the mass, you have to develop a great marketing strategy. The key here is to polish your ads, to be strategic about when and where you market your products and to find a way to get your customer's attention. What can aid you with this is collaborating with influencers on various social media platforms. By promoting your services through famous Internet personas and by creating a carefully thought out marketing strategy, you will help your business flourish and get noticed by more and more people.

2. Understand the customer's demand

The demand of products and services has significantly changed during the past year. A lot of the goods that used to be in high demand just a year ago are not relevant anymore. If you want to boost your business, you have to understand the current needs and wants that your potential customers have. For example, since people are spending a lot more time at home, the demand for houseware and home decor has increased a lot. Another field that has seen an increase is the tech field. More and more people are buying phones, tablets, laptops and other devices that will help them work or study remotely and stay connected to the world. Once you observe your customers and figure out what it is they really need right now, you can start providing them with the required products and services and with that, increase your sales and attract even more customers.

3. Adapt to the current circumstances

The current global health crisis has put a lot of companies out of business. In most countries restaurants and bars are closed, as well as gyms and other recreational facilities. If your business was mainly operating physically before the pandemic, it is crucial for you to find a way to adapt to the circumstances of the pandemic. As we have seen, the pandemic won't come to an end soon and we cannot hope to get back to normal instantly. Because of this, instead of finding a temporary solution, which a lot of businesses have done and failed, you should rethink the whole concept of your business. If you own a restaurant, you can start offering take-aways and delivery, which is quite needed now. Or if you are a fitness trainer, you can do online coaching sessions and still attract a lot of customers. Whatever your business does, there are ways to adapt to the situation and to keep your clients, you just have to stay creative and open to new ways of operating.

4. Host compelling virtual events

As the whole planet has switched to the online world, we have seen an increase in online seminars, talks, conferences and other events. Hosting a free online event can give you the chance to present your business and tell your customers what you can offer them and what you can help them with during the pandemic. The key here is to stay professional and to treat these events the same way you would treat an in-person conference. An additional thing you can do at these online events is host giveaways which will motivate your customers to keep your business on their radar and to interact with you more. By doing this, you will also help improve the reputation of your company and you will be seen as a business that customers can trust and rely on in these difficult times.

5. Establish a good communication

The majority of people are under a lot of stress right now. They are more fearful and more careful when it comes to putting their trust into a certain company. If you want to help these people and turn them into your customers, you have to establish a good communication with them. Now is the time to be fully transparent and honest with your customers, to let them know exactly how your products or services can help them and to build a relationship with trust and reliability. To achieve this, you have to set up a team that will be available to your customers at all times and that will answer any questions they might have about your products. In addition to this, you should show support to your customers by being the one to reach out first, by listening to their needs and by doing everything you can to deliver them the quality products they require. Once you build a good connection with them, they will be more inclined to continue supporting your brand and recommending you to other people.

6. Improve the quality of your website

Having a well designed website that represents your business in the right way is one of the most crucial factors of the success of your business, especially under the current circumstances. Since most of the people are doing their shopping or booking services online, your website should contain all the information your customers might need, it should be easy to navigate and it should load at a fast speed. The best way to improve the quality of your website is to work with a team of professionals who will design your website in such a way that it contains all the needed features and is attractive and easy to use by customers of different age and backgrounds. Here at Produkto, we put a lot of thought and effort into developing a website that will best suit your business and will help you increase the sales and attract more customers. Moreover, we take care of the SEO, or search engine optimization, that will help your website appear in the top Google search results and will therefore help you get noticed by more customers.


Adapting your business and remaining relevant during the pandemic might seem like a hard task to accomplish, but with the right mindset and these 6 steps, you can still boost your brand and increase your sales. If you're interested in additional ways to improve your business, especially your online business, check out our article on TOP 7 Tips How to Boost Your Online Business in 2021.

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