TOP 6 Tips to Gain More Customers During COVID 19

  • Done Kirov
  • 21 Apr 2021

With the pandemic changing the economy and the way customers spend their money, it has become increasingly important to find the right ways to attract more people to your business and to increase your sales. With that fact in mind, here are six strategies that will help you gain more customers during COVID-19.

1. Offer support and reassurance

The current situation has made consumers more vary of how they spend their money and which products they buy, as well as which companies they put their trust in. Right now, the focus of every company should be to support their customers as much as possible and to build trust and connections with them. Paying more attention to your customer's needs, conducting one-on-one interviews with them and asking the right questions will help you figure out which products and services you should provide in the current circumstances. Once you establish your business as a stable and secure one, you will gain your customer's loyalty and more and more people will be interested in working with your company. Here you can find out more about engaging with your customers.

2. Create engaging content

Utilizing your creativity to market your business during coronavirus will make you stand out from your competitors and get your customer's attention. The more creative you are at representing your products, the more your business will flourish. Gather your team and brainstorm new and unique ideas that will help you attract customers and make them spend their hard-earned money on your products. There are various options to consider here, like online webinars, classes, meetings and care packages for your customers. Try to think outside of the box and to have fun with this and sooner or later customers will start flocking in front of your door.

3. Don't forget about social media

Even before the pandemic, a lot of people were spending time online. That number has grown tremendously during the past year with more and more people going virtual. Social medias are currently the best place to market your business and make yourself known to new customers. The way to get the best out of these platforms is to post content frequently, to keep your customers updated on new deals and offerings, as well as to engage in conversation with them and find out what their wants and needs are. In addition to this, utilizing sponsored posts or paid advertisements will help you create buzz about your business and it's a relatively inexpensive way to spread the word about your business. Check out this post to find out how to promote your business on Instagram.

4. Ask for referrals

Satisfied customers are your best way of reaching even more people. If you have built a good connection with your customers and they are pleased with your services, don't hesitate to ask them for a referral. Expanding your customer base is much easier to accomplish by using the customers you already have than to try to attract completely new customers. By asking your satisfied customers for referrals, you get the chance to be promoted to other people with similar interests as your current clients and it is a very effective way to grow your business. Just make sure to thank each customer properly and they will be more than eager to help you out again in the future. Politeness goes a long way!

5. Host giveaways

A lot of people are lacking excitement and fun in the current times. Because of this, hosting giveaways and competitions for your customers is a great way to break the monotony and to get people excited and hyped about your business. A giveaway campaign done right can boost your business and help you gain more customers in a short period of time. In order to host a good giveaway, you have to figure out what exactly you will be giving away, what the rules of the giveaway would be, when the giveaway would end, etc. Make sure that the entering process is easy and with as little friction as possible, remember to spread the word about the giveaway and provide a fun and engaging experience for your customers.

6. Support the community

So many businesses have suffered since the start of the pandemic and are in need of any kind of support. Deciding to support a good cause, especially now during COVID-19 is a great investment. Lifting another business up by sponsoring an event or a project will open new doors to more opportunities and to more people. You will be getting marketing out of it as well as helping those in need. This will do wonders for your business' reputation and your customers will remember you as a generous company that goes out of their way to help the community. In turn, more people will hear about your business and you will quickly gain more customers.


Now is the right time to put effort into your marketing strategies and to do whatever it takes to gain more customers. The market is changing and you should change and adapt alongside it. By using these 6 strategies, you will ensure that you're on the right path and you will be able to expand your customer base and increase your sales. Check out this post to learn more about expanding your business in the current times.

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