TOP 7 Graphic Design Tips for Beginners in 2021

  • Done Kirov
  • 24 Feb 2021
Graphic Design

Graphic design is an art into itself. Being a graphic designer means that you get to turn your ideas into stories using colours, fonts, textures and other graphic elements. Each design is in a way different from others and has its own uniqueness. However, there are some graphic design guidelines that you need to follow if you want to become a great graphic designer. In this article, you will find 7 graphic design tips that will help you quickly improve your skills and will make an impact on your work.

1. Keep it simple

When it comes to graphic design, the old adage is true - less is more. A great design leaves an impression and communicates the message in a simplistic, yet interesting way. Simplicity is not about creating a design that is dull and bland, but rather about achieving harmony and balance between the visual elements. This is done by using a minimum amount of fonts and bringing the design to life by using a little pop of color. Achieving this balance will make your design aesthetically pleasing and it will help you get your message across clearly and effectively.

2. Choose a color palette

A design with consistent colors will inspire more people to stop, take a look at it and admire its beauty. That's why having a color palette is a MUST. The simplest way to create a color palette is to extract colors from an image by using a color picker. When you've created a color palette, it will be much easier for you to make decisions while creating your designs and everything will look more cohesive.

3. Pick fonts wisely

Selecting fonts for your designs can seem overwhelming because there are a lot of different fonts available online. If you want the reduce the stress of trying out a million fonts, the best thing you can do is stick to the classics and use tried and tested pairings. Using fonts that have already been proven effective will help your designs look trustworthy and pleasing to the eye. You can branch out and use new fonts from time to time but it's wise to keep to the classic ones the majority of the time.

4. Use white spaces

Nobody likes a cluttered design with all the words crammed together. Using white space, i.e. empty space without texts or elements on it will give the text in your design room to breathe. The best way to learn how to use white space in your designs is to study minimalist designs. When you've learned how to incorporate only the bare necessities in your design, your designs will look clean, neat and professional.

5. Be consistent in your designs

Consistency will make all the elements in your design work well together. The way to achieve consistency is to use colour palettes and to define the sizing and spacing of elements such as headings, subtitles and paragraphs. When you're consistent in your design, it will be much easier for people to remember and recognize you. Making sure that your designs have the same look and feel will also ensure professionality and make your clients happy.

6. Get inspiration from others

As a graphic designer, you shouldn't be living in a bubble. Following the work of other designers will give you inspiration and spark new creative ideas. Furthermore, seeking the designs that professionals have created can help you understand what makes a design good and what you should avoid when creating your own designs. After all, no idea is completely original and this applies to graphic design as well. The trick is to learn how to gather inspiration from others while also being able to create designs that stand out and capture your own personal style.

7. Stay organized

Staying organized while you're creating designs will help you save time and energy and you will be able to concentrate more on being creative. The best way to keep organized is to name files in a way that makes them easy to recognize, to create different folders for all of your projects and to organize all your assets in one place. This will ensure that you will be able to find anything you need without wasting too much time.


Becoming a great designer takes time and practice. However, by applying these 9 graphic design tips, anyone, even the very beginners can hone their skills and become brilliant at designing. If you want to become a graphic designer or you already are one but you're looking to improve your skills, contact our team and we will be happy to help you out on your journey to becoming a professional graphic designer.

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