TOP 7 Logo Design Trends in 2021

  • Done Kirov
  • 25 Feb 2021
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Every company needs to have its own unique logo. It's an essential part of the brand's identity and it tells the story of who you are and what your vision is. When it comes to choosing a logo for your brand, there are mainly three categories you can choose from: image-based, text-based or a combination of both. Image-based logos feature a symbol that can be abstract or literal, textbased logos feature the name of the company, and logos that are a combination of the two consist of both an image and some text. Choosing the right logo design can be an intimidating task, so in order to help you out, we made a list of the top logo design trends in 2021. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Minimalistic logos

Minimalism as a trend has gained popularity over the past few years and it has made its appearance in logo designs as well. A lot of companies choose to stay away from complicated logos with a lot of colours and text and prefer to have a simple, minimalistic logo. Many of the more popular brands have decided to go for a minimalistic logo which is an update from the previous, more complex versions. Minimalistic logos are designed with fonts that are easy to understand, clean lines and little to no imagery. With minimalism becoming more and more popular, especially in the design world, you can't go wrong by crafting a simple, yet powerful logo.

2. Gradients

Gradients are an easy way to spice up even the most dull logos. The nice thing about them is that they add depth to the image and help create a more visually attractive logo. Most of the colors used to create these types of logos are pinks, purples and oranges, though the rest of the color palette isn't completely excluded. Gradients are a way to enhance flat designs, add texture to backgrounds and color overlay to images and they can look very eye-catching if done right. A good gradient is designed in a way that's interesting, yet not too overwhelming to the viewer.

3. Animations

Animated logos are starting to become a must for a lot of websites. Many brands are either animating their old logos or creating new, animated versions of them. An animated logo is great because it catches your attention and makes you look at it. The swirling colours and lines are enticing to the viewer and compelling enough to never go unnoticed. They break up the monotony with motion and keep the viewer interested. The way to make the most of this trend is to keep the animation simple, with as little movement as possible so as not to confuse the viewer, and to find the right speed of the motion, neither too fast, nor too slow.

4. Clean lines

A logo designed with clean lines can be placed practically everywhere and looks good on everything. Clean lines give the logo a classic vibe, as well as a dose of elegance. Combined with pure geometric forms, the refined and straightforward lines can create a powerful and memorable logo. This concept works great in a combination with gradients as well, the way it's done in the Instagram logo. The key to creating a beautiful clean line logo is to keep the imagery and lettering separated, so that they don't overlap and make the design elements intelligible, and to not be afraid of exploring the color palette and adding more than one color to your logo.

5. Overlapping elements

Stacking elements on top of each other can create depth and visual interest in a logo. By positioning the elements this way, you can design a logo that creates a strong association with growth, consistency and progress. Many popular brands such as TikTok, PayPal and Mastercard have decided to go for a logo with overlapping elements, which has in turn increased the popularity of this trend. The way to make this type of logo work for you is to not go overboard with the overlapping elements and make it difficult to understand. Pick one element to overlap, choose more colors to create depth and you will surely end up with an iconic logo that nobody will be able to overlook.

6. Flat designs

Over the past few years, many companies have decided to forgo 3D logos and go for logos with a flat design. Flat design logos focus on clarity and present a modern look by using vector-friendly graphical shapes. These logos are easy to work with and manage to stand out from any background that they are placed on. The best way to create a good flat design logo is to use as few colors as possible, to use simple typography that works well with the visual element of the logo, to go for simplicity instead of a complex design and to not overthink it.

7. Monograms

Monograms are one of the oldest forms of identification and have been used extensively over the years. A monogram logo is made up of a combination of two or three letters that are artfully arranged to create a single symbol. They usually represent the initials of a person or a brand. These logos are simple, yet classy and they let the brand do the talking. A lot of luxury brands such as YSL, Gucci and Chanel have this type of logo and they all speak of class, elegance and exclusivity. A monogram logo looks best if it is designed using one or two colours, with a unique typeface and a compelling shape and layout.


Picking the right logo design for your brand can be a gruelling task, since the logo you choose has to be both trendy and able to withstand time. To make this process easier, the smartest thing to do is to hand the job over to someone professional. Our team is here to aid you with that. We offer uniquely designed logos that will project the vision of your brand, as well as other services that will make your company look memorable and sophisticated. Contact us now and take a step towards having a successful business that everyone will know about.

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