TOP 7 Tips How to Promote Your Business on Instagram in 2021

  • Done Kirov
  • 25 Feb 2021

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram has become the best social media platform for promoting your business and reaching a wider audience. A lot of big brands have a significant following on the platform and they are continuously finding ways to interact with the audience and keep people coming back for more. If you are a business owner, promoting your business on Instagram will help you increase the number of your customers and drive sales. In today's article, we will go through 7 ways you can promote your brand on Instagram and reap the benefits of using this platform.

1. Set up a business account

If you're going to promote your business on Instagram, you should have a business account, separate from your personal one. This account should not be about you at all, but rather about your business and everything it entails. Your business account will be the place where you post all about your business, your products, offers and all the needed information. Just make sure that your account is public and categorized correctly, so that people will be able to find you and browse your page without any problems.

2. Optimize your account

There are a few things you need to do in order to optimize your Instagram account. First of all, you have to include the link to your website in your bio, which will help you boost traffic to your site. Second, the name and profile picture should be representative of the business as well as recognizable and professional. Lastly, you should create an interesting bio that will make make followers want to find more about you. Here you should include the name of your business and a short and concise description of what you do, which you have to make sure is catchy and informative.

3. . Create high quality content

As a platform, Instagram is focused on the visuals, so your content should be appealing to the eye. The posts you have on your page should be high quality and professional photos, taken under a good light and edited nicely but not too much. It would be even better if you accompany the photos of your products with informative descriptions that will let your followers know all the important details about your products. In addition to this, it's a good idea to have some lifestyle photos as well, such as models using your products in their daily life. This will give add value to your feed and your followers will be more interested in your brand.

4. Reach a bigger audience

In order for you to successfully promote your business on Instagram, you need to develop a strategy that will help you get noticed by more people. The way to accomplish this is by using relevant hashtags that are currently trending, sharing your followers' tagged photos on your own profile which in turn will help you attract even more followers, and partnering up with influencers that will promote your products in exchange for a commission. Paying influencers with a large following to market your products will help you get noticed by more people and will drive new followers to your page.

5. Engage with your followers

People love brands that establish a connection with them. They like being shown that there's an actual person on the other side of the screen who cares about them and wants to offer them the best products possible. Because of this, it's very important to engage with your followers. You can do this by asking them questions on stories, using the poll feature to get them to decide among two things, hosting live streams where you chat with them and answer their questions, replying to their comments, etc. By keeping the conversation going, your brand will be perceived as friendly and approachable and more people will flock to your page and get interested about your products.

6. Host contests and giveaways

The majority of people are competitive by nature and will gladly seize any opportunity to receive some kind of a prize. Hosting giveaways and contests through your Instagram profile will get more people hyped about what you have to offer, your posts will get shared and your brand will gain more recognition. This is also a great opportunity to reward your loyal customers, get in touch with new ones and increase the engagement on your profile. Giving away a gift that's desirable and relevant to your brand will paint you in a good light and show people that you're respectful of them and generous, which in turn will prompt them to tell others about you and buy your products.

7. Post consistently

When it comes to growing on Instagram, posting consistently is key. The Instagram algorithm pushes forward the profiles that post regularly because those are the ones that attract the attention of most followers. Posting every day, or even several times a day, will show people that you are serious about your business and you will always be present on their feeds so it will be hard for them not to notice you. Just make sure that you don't go overboard and overwhelm your followers with too many posts. Find the perfect amount of posts that works for you, make sure to post them at the same time every day and you will quickly notice the number of your followers increase.


Implementing these 7 tips into your Instagram marketing strategy will help you reach a wider audience and maximize your engagement. With enough time and commitment, your brand will become widely recognized and more and more customers will be coming to you. If you're serious about promoting your business on Instagram, our team is here to help you. We offer professional and unique social media profile designs as well as logo designs that will make your brand hard to miss

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