TOP 7 Ways to Engage With Your Customers in 2021

  • Done Kirov
  • 24 Feb 2021

Customers are the soul of a business. Without them, the business means nothing and there's no one to hear and care about your great products. As a business owner, you must be aware of the importance of your customers and of the connections that need to be established with them in order for the business to flourish. In today's world, it's easier than ever to connect with your customers and build deeper bonds. In this article, we will go through 7 effective ways you can start engaging with your customers right away.

1. Build a community

Communities have been driving people together for ages. In the business world, having a place where your customers can interact with you and among each other is the best way to build deep connections. An online community will give you the chance to directly connect with your customers, answer all their questions, keep them updated about any news regarding your products and share any information they might be looking for. There are many platforms that let you create communities, the most important ones being Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities. The great thing about these platforms is that most customers already have accounts on them so building your community will be easier then ever

2. . Keep the conversation going

One of the best approaches to marketing is to always be in a conversation with your customers. When you're constantly communicating with your customers, there's enough room for any questions or any confusion that might arise and your customers will perceive your business as more open and approachable. The process of building a connection with your customers is not a single transaction, but rather an ongoing conversation. Because of this, you shouldn't be talking to your customers only when you have a new product to launch, but rather at all times. In order to maintain the connection, you need to have a constant presence.

3. Ask more questions

The best way to start the conversation is to ask a question. Questions serve as a great way to engage with your customers and assess what's on their minds. It takes only a few minutes to formulate an e-mail or a social media post and the benefit is enormous. Not only will you establish a communication with your customers, but you will also gain valuable insight into the direction your business is going. Whenever you're struggling to come up with a new idea for a product or you just need to know exactly what the customers expect from you, asking the questions directly will give you the best and quickest results. Most customers will be willing to answer such questions and they will feel more heard and appreciated in the process.

4. Provide educational content

Customers care about businesses that are willing to offer a helping hand to them and educate them. Just take a look at the number of how-to videos and posts on the Internet and you'll figure out how important this is for a business. Providing content that will educate customers on a certain topic will make them perceive you as a company they can always turn to when they're in need of help. Create content that is specific, provides actionable steps and possesses an entertainment value, and you will quickly notice how big of an impact this has on the engagement with your customers.

5. Host events

Whether you decide to host a webinar or an in-person meetup, hosting events is a great way to get to know your customers and create connections. On these events, you can present your newest products, offer exclusive offers to your customers and give them any news and updates on future projects. This will make them feel like a part of a community and will give you a great opportunity for networking and new possibilities regarding your business. Also, your customers will get the chance to see the human side of your business and relate to you on a personal level.

6. Focus on customer support

No matter how great your product is, what customers will always remember is the experience they had acquiring that product. Customer support is one of the defining factors of your company's success. If you don't take proper care of your customers, your business will quickly sink. Of course, you can't talk to all of your customers all the time, but you should make sure that your whole team is included in the conversation and focused on your customers. Customers should be able to reach a contact person on the phone and get a reply to their e-mail regarding any questions they might have. By becoming a customer-focused brand, you will build trust and loyalty with all of your customers.

7. Develop deeper connections

It should be clear as day to customers that they are dealing with actual people and not a faceless corporation. By showing the human side of your business, you will establish deeper bonds with your customers and develop emotional connections. The most effective way to achieve this is to introduce yourself, tell your customers who you are and what your vision is, use photos of your team members on your social media platforms and your website and include author biographies. Humans love connecting to other humans, so when there's a face representing your brand, it will become much easier for customers to get to know you and begin building a strong relationship with you and your business.


Customers are much more than just statistics, they are the lifeblood of each business. Connecting with them should be a number one priority of every company and implementing these 7 methods will help you do exactly that. You will be able to engage with your customers in a way that will help your brand thrive and will improve the quality of your business.

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