TOP 6 Web Design Tips to Increase your Sales in 2021

  • Done Kirov
  • 2 Apr 2021
Web Development

Your website design is a determining factor in the success of your business. Especially in today's world where there are many websites offering their products and services, having a well designed website that sticks out from the rest is of utmost importance. A professionally designed website can improve the quality of your business and boost the sales. This kind of website offers a user-friendly interface and focuses on great user experience. The design of your website can be considered effective when visitors are engaged, stay longer on a page and revisit the site. Here's everything you need in order to have a professional and attractive website:

1. A clean and organized homepage

First impressions are lasting impressions - and your homepage is the first impression your customers get for your website. It takes a customer only a few seconds to decide whether they want to engage with your website or leave it and if they're not satisfied by the first thing they see, they are less likely to buy your products or services. Your homepage should be crisp and clean, well-organized and easy to navigate. Customers should be able to gather all the general information for your business just by scrolling through your homepage and your homepage should represent your business and the products and services it offers in the best possible way. The homepage of your website should offer a seamless user experience and lead your customers to their desired content by presenting the different sections of your website in a well-organized manner.

2. Responsive design

In this day and age where virtually everyone owns a smartphone and/or a tablet, having a website with a responsive design is of crucial importance. Responsive design makes sure that your website responds to the user's behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. Simply said - a website with responsive design looks good on any device. A website with responsive design offers a better user experience, users don't have to zoom in or zoom out the text and images on the screen. All of the content should automatically readjust and adapt to the size of the screen and this is exactly what responsive design takes care of.

3. Simplicity is key

When it comes to designing an attractive website - less is more. All of the content on your website should be neatly organized in different categories which customers can easily navigate and any clutter should be removed. Humans are visual creatures and are attracted to websites that have a nice but simple palette of colours. If the colours presented on your website clash with one another, that can lead to driving potential customers away.

4. An easy and secure shopping experience

You need a well designed online store where customers can easily find their way around and make a purchase without a hassle. All of the products and services that are offered on your websites should be arranged in categories and the customers should be able to easily filter the products of any given category. Your online store should offer more than one method of payment in order to suit the needs of each customer. Customers should be able to pay with various credit/debit card as well as through PayPal. The logos of the credit cards and other payment methods should be placed in a visible part of the homepage - that will present your business in a more reputable way and make customers more inclined to shop from your website.

5. Contact form

Being able to get in touch with a contact person and ask any questions that might arise is a very significant factor that determines the user experience. Customers should be able to find your e-mail address or phone number easily and ask any questions regarding the products and services you offer. Adding a contact form to your website will make this process easier since customers can directly write their questions and send them to you with a simple click of a button. Additionally to an e-mail address and phone number, your website should also contain a location map if your business has a physical location. That way, customers will be able to easily locate your physical shop and visit it if they prefer in-person shopping.

6. Search bar

When customers arrive on your website, it should be easy for them to find exactly what they are looking for. Adding a search bar to your website can aid you in achieving that, making your website more user-friendly and easy to navigate. If customers are not able to type in the product or service they are looking for and have to rely on searching your whole website in order to find what they need, they might give up altogether, and leave your website which will lead to a significant decrease of sales. Especially if you're offering a broader palette of products and services, finding a specific one can be extremely difficult if there is no search bar implemented in your website. The search bar should not be hidden in a drop-down menu or placed at the bottom of the page. It's best if it is positioned at the top of the page, where it will be easily visible and accessible to your customers. Another important attribute of the search bar is its colour. The colour should go well with the other colours present on your website but it should still be a bold enough colour that will draw the attention of your customers and be easy to notice.


A well designed website offers a better user experience and helps your customers easily find their way around the different sections. It helps form good impressions on your potential customers which in turn will boost the sales and increase the quality of your business altogether. If you're already a business owner or are thinking of getting started and need a website, our team is at your disposal. We offer professional web designs and other services that will help your business grow and expand.

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